We are a company builder

A holding company that owns and rockets other companies that can solve human problems running digital and technology assets

Human vs Machine. Who will win?

We build today for the technology and people of tomorrow. In the battle between humans and artificial intelligence we know which side we’re on.

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Our Companies

A game-changing group

The companies belonging to the HVM holding group all have their own identities and market position. What they share is a common mission and centralized management that is able to provide cross-sector support to the group’s wide-reaching expertise.

Net Asset Value 2019(1)
Revenues 2019(2)
Employees 2019(3)
(1) Aggregate valuation of all shares belonging to the holding company as of December 31, 2019.
(2) Total aggregate turnover of all subsidiaries and invested companies. The turnover of controlled companies alone stands at €4 million as of December 31, 2019.
(3) Total number of employees of all subsidiaries and invested companies. The total number of employees of controlled companies alone stands at 50 as of December 31, 2019.
What We Do

We create companies that want to change the world. Or we help you to kick-start yours.

Company Building

We make use of our technology assets, our years of experience in the digital world and our network of international investors to create and launch new technology companies. These companies think outside the box with a view to making a significant global impact.

Company Restructuring

We’ve always been part of the start-up environment. We champion brave young entrepreneurs who put their heart and soul into business models that might seem impossible. We believe in the power of ideas and understand that winning or losing often depends on who’s on your side. We’re on your side.

Help us to build companies of the future

We are manager, inventors, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and designers. We all share the same mission. We are all determined to make a big global impact.

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